Gravity Simulator 3D

GavitySimulator3D simulates gravity and renders live 3D scenes from editable scene files.

Electromagnetic Waves or Particles being orbited

What you see here (directly above) is an abstract representation of a hydrogen atom.
The big blueish planet represents the proton or the nucleus of the hydrogen atom.
The blue particles are 3 experimental electrons orbiting the proton / atom nucleus.
The yellow balls are possibly photons orbiting the electron causing the electron to wobble, making fast electrons look like waves.
The reason i suggest it could be a photon is because with electron quantum leaps to lower atomic shells (Bohr) the atom emits light.
Quantum leaps to higher / outer atomic shells do not cause light / photons to be emitted, whereas I even doubt that photons are EM light particles.
It could well be that actually electrons them selves are causing the light phenomena on our retina, because we emit electrons through radio antenna's.
Light simply is a shorter wavelength particle in comparison to radio emitted electrons, which are just longer wavelength particles coming from an antenna.
The photon / electron I consider a separate topic / field of study, For now this is about the question whether EM waves are particles (likely electrons) that move in wave patterns.

Check how the smaller yellow photon makes the slightly bigger blue electron wobble on it's own orbiting trajectory around the proton.

The top electron is a suspect candidate for what could be happening on the scale of electrons.

The middle electron is just there so you see the difference in the electron's orbit (when nothing orbits the electron itself).
The lower electron is just there to simulate a horizontally orbiting photon around the electron (highly unlikely, because highly unstable).

I believe gravity is not a distortion of space-time fabric like Einstein thought in his theory of General Relativity.
How can the void or the nothingness (empty space) influence (baryonic) matter itself?
Therefore i believe that gravity simply is graviton radiation coming from any body with mass.
These graviton particles attracts matter on it's path in the direction of it's source.
just like stars radiate light and heat particles (electrons with different wavelengths).
Just imagine sunlight as gravitational radiation, but in the case of gravity any body with mass radiates gravitons.

For instance the earth is attracted only to the Sun's outward radiating particles and not to the Sun itself.
In this simulation the Earth still moves towards the source of the outward radiating gravitational particles (from the Sun).
That to my ideas is what causes gravitational forces between bodies with mass. Inward pressure forces smaller particles (gravitons) outwards.
The outward radiating particles with gravitational forces are equivalent to Henry Cavendish's gravitational constant.

Below is a general demonstration of Gravity Simulator 3D