3 Installation

The installation footprint of DatacenterManager is very small, due to it's Java nature (< 20 MB).

  1. Check that you have at least Java1.7 or higher installed on your computer.

  2. Download DatacenterManager ( to any location on your hard-disk.

  3. Uncompress click “” (usually right mouse click on will show uncompress menu item.

The installation is now completed and you are ready to start DCM the first time.

Go into the extracted “dcm” subdirectory and double click “DCManager.jar” to start DCM. DOS prompt or Terminal can also be used to start DCM, type: java -jar DCManager.jar 

4 DCMStarter

DatacenterManager isn't just one application, but several independently running applications. The DCMStarter as a starting point, makes it easy to start the right DCM application for you.

Please notice the information at the bottom part while hovering over the component buttons.

Figure 4.1

Click the “Desktop” button and start the standalone Desktop application “DCMDesktop”. The first time starting DCMDesktop takes a little longer creating the Inventory database.

Congratulations, you are now running the standalone DatacenterManager DCMDesktop.