Why you need it

Thank you for holding, my computer is slow... 

How often do we hear excuses for slow computers on the other side of the phone these days.
Companies are in a fierce battle for cost savings and consolidation is the way they achieve that.

The question is why aren't today's business ICT departments in control of performance anymore ?
Today's business strategy is to virtualize and consolidate IT resources for maximum cost efficiency.
Todays consolidation has a cost advantage, but also blurs out hardware resource utilization visibility.

Consolidated hardware resources today are utilized by a complex network of remote software components.
Clustered and load-balanced software components are claiming shared and virtual hardware resources.

Sys Admins no longer have a simple, structured and easy going overview of hardware resource utilization.
This is where DatacenterManager comes in, designed to auto inventory and measure hardware resources.
These health stats are historical stored in maintenance free archives later to be used for graph conversion.
DCM simultaneously monitors hundreds of UNIX servers with up to a million resources EVERY MINUTE!
This is something humans simply aren't capable of doing, not even with a large team of skilled admins.
DCM's massive remote monitoring capacity has been made possible by an ingenious ultralight poller design.
Polling is kept at an absoluut minimum of data generation and communication, collecting the health stats.
DatacenterManager doesn't require installing a software agent on your servers, it uses SSH to Inventory and Poll.
DatacenterManager's inventory and poller are designed ultralight weight for a negligible operational impact.
DatacenterManager Navigator allows you to line-graph navigate through massive amounts of performance stats.
DatacenterManager Navigator standard supplies graphic 1-Click move and zoom functions over time and value.
There's virtually no limitation to timeline period precision or multi-server resources shown in your line-graph.
DCMCommander allows you to execute your shell scripts or commands on all your servers in just seconds.
Here's the best thing, DatacenterManager is OpenSource and published under a GPLv3 License.
In the past I have tracked, traced and solved severe datacenter wide performance issues in just hours!
Kind regards,

Ron de Jong